Ulysse Nardin Chairman – Chic, Luxury Smartphone

Ulysse Nardin Chairman smartphone - Gold
Ulysse Nardin Chairman – Gold

Trying to stay ahead of the luxury curve is often difficult. Trendy products come and go very quickly. Well talk is chic, and the luxury Ulysse Nardin Chairman smartphone is this fall’s hot new accessory.

For the fashion savvy, the key to an eye-catching outfit lies in the accessories. These essentials bring together an entire look and enhance any style.

The Ulysse Nardin Chairman is spot on trend, and complements the hottest Fall 2010 styles with groundbreaking technology that is sure to become the must-have accessory of the season.

The fashionable Ulysse Nardin Chairman smartphones feature the most advanced smartphone technology in the luxury phone market today including 32 GB of internal memory, a 3.2″ capacitive touch screen, thumbprint recognition and an 8 megapixel camera.

Chairman, Stealth Black
Sexy. Mysterious. Intriguing. Become a fashion icon with the Stealth Black Chairman. Much like the Fall 2010 Versace line which features a dark and moody black theme, the Chairman commands attention. Outfitted in black stainless steel, this phone has an innovative look that instantly adds allure to any ensemble.

Chairman, Gold Ceramic
Glitz and glamour find new life in the Fall 2010 Gucci line as well as the Gold Ceramic Chairman. The 18 karat gold adds a vibrant touch in contrast to the black details. Whether you’re on the red carpet or in the boardroom, the Chairman implies sophistication and savvy.

Chairman, Steel Blue
A classic beauty, the Steel Blue Chairman offers timeless elegance. As in the Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 collection, this look transports you back to the 1930s streets of Paris where sophistication reigns supreme. The steel and blue casing is a look for the ages.

Ulysse Nardin Chairman smartphone - Diamond
Ulysse Nardin Chairman – Diamond

Chairman Diamond Edition
They say diamonds are a woman’s best friend, but the Chairman Diamond Edition proves this sentiment to be true for men as well. Akin to the frosty look of the Fall 2010 Chanel line, the Chairman Diamond Edition is all about sparkle and shine. Featuring more than 2,000 handset brilliant cut diamonds and an 18k white gold casing, you’ll instantly fall in love with this flashy phone.

View all Ulysse Nardin phones at – www.ulysse-nardin.com


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