George Martin Signature Series Luxury Earbuds

George Martin Signature Series audio earbuds

Meridian Audio is a British manufacturer of high-end audio products. The luxury brand recently announced a new partnership with Asprey and Advanced Communication Solutions (ACS) to make the George Martin Signature Series audio earbuds.

The new partnership will create 1,000 sets of limited edition, luxury molded earphones. These incredible new earphones have been endorsed by Sir George Martin, who is the iconic Beatles producer.

There is a huge problem in the world due to the proliferation of personal audio devices. According to a study that was published by the World Health Organisation, approximately 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults could be at risk of developing or already experiencing hearing loss. The cause is the unsafe use of personal audio devices and digital music.

The collaboration between British parties – Meridian Audio, ACS, Asprey, along with Sir George Martin was intended to work together with the primary goal of protecting people’s hearing. In addition, the consortium desires to increase awareness of noise-damaged hearing loss and the life-changing impact if not halted.

The new limited edition George Martin Signature Series molded earphones will be available in only 1,000 pairs. You can buy the George Martin Signature Series earphones online at

You can purchase these luxury earbuds for £2,250. The price includes a £250 donation that will go toward funds for critical research that will be conducted by the popular UK Charity, “Action on Hearing Loss.”

If you like tech products, then consider buying the new George Martin Signature Series molded earphones. Come back here to read about other luxury tech products featured on this luxury blog.

Photo: Meridian Audio


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