Able Planet Noise Cancellation Headphones

NC300W_ Able Planet

Able Planet is one of the clear leaders in music headphones. Able Planet embeds patent-pending LINX AUDIO™ into audio and communication devices to enhance sound quality and speech clarity For All Levels of Hearing™.

These noise-canceling headphones feature Linx Audio technology for clear, desirable sound that limits interference. The innovative design allows for increased perceived loudness without raising the volume.

One of the newest and best headphone products by Able Planet is the True Fidelity NC300W.

The NC300W is ideal for the traveler, student or music lover. The latest technology is available at a very affordable price and comes in a convenient size.

The sound for the True Fidelity NC300W headphones is excellent. The True Fidelity (NC300W) pair I tested  is very comfortable and produced an excellent, crystal clear sound.

The surprising clarity is mainly due to Able Planet’s patented Linx Audio technology. The result is it does an amazing job of separating high sharp tones from low base sounds.

As every single note of a song’s music is filtered properly, the track’s lyrics are able to breathe and stand independently on their own. This is quite a feat for any pair of stereo headphones.

The NC300W features an adjustable headband, superior sound quality and clarity, patented LINX AUDIO technology, removable in-line volume control for easy adjustment to safe listening levels (no more hunting for the volume control) and state-of-the-art active noise cancellation (ANC). With over 20 International CES and CTIA awards, the sound quality will delight even the most discernible ear.

The headphones come with a stylish, hard plastic carrying case. This makes it easy to safely store them or pack for a trip without worrying about them getting damaged in your luggage.

In addition, they come with a variety of plugs including an adapter for the airplane.

In summary, the NC300W headphones from Able Planet perform just as good, maybe better, than other much higher priced headphones on the market.

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