New HP TouchPad Battles Apple’s iPad 2

HP TouchPad tablet vs iPad 2
HP TouchPad

Computer giant H.P. just announced the release of their new TouchPad product. It’s a direct competitor to Apple’s iPad 2, but does it beat the competition?

Taking a closer look at the H.P. TouchPad, it does appear to have similar features to the iPad 2.

First thing you will notice is the screen size – 9.7 inches. TouchPad also has a 1024×768 pixel screen resolution … again like the Apple iPad 2.

H.P. has decided to include Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core APQ8060 processor that operates at 1.2GHz. In comparison, Apple’s iPAd 2 utilizes the slightly slower Apple A5 dual core processor which operates at 1.0GHz.

Memory in the new TouchPad is 1.0GB RAM while the Apple iPad 2 offers just 512MB of RAM. Looking at the User Interface, HP’s Touchpad features latest webOS operating system – version 3.0 The iPad 2 uses iOS 4.3.

Research shows that webOS 3.0 offers better ease-of-use, multitasking functions, in addition to an open architecture. The result is greater flexibility which is a large advantage for either business or personal use.

The quality of the HP TouchPad is unknown since it just launched. History proves that HP is one of the best out there in offering high quality products. There’ no reason to believe the TouchPad will be any different.

Since the Apple iPad 2 and its predecessor the iPad have sold millions of units, its track record is known and highly regarded. Give this argument clearly to Apple.

A key advantage for Apple is its connectivity offering. Although both company tablet models provide Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR technology, the Apple iPad 2 offers both 3G and WiFi making it better to find a connection. HP’s TouchPad only offers WiFi connectivity. This limitation by HP is definitely a disadvantage.

Both devices offer cameras. The Apple iPad initially had only one camera, but the iPad 2 now has two cameras – a 720p rear camera and a VGA front-facing camera for video chats. HP’s TouchPad offers a cool 1.3MP front camera.

Apple appears to win the coveted battery life crown as well. The iPad 2 advertises a 10 hour battery life, while the H.P. TouchPad offers 8 hours in comparison.

Regarding storage, The H.P. Touchpad initially launches with a 16GB and 32GB model. Apple wins a again by offering three different sizes – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions.

I feel the biggest shortfall of the H.P. TouchPad is its lack of existing apps. HP’s TouchPad supports the company’s HP App Catalog, where you can locate third-party applications.

Due to the lack of numbers for TouchPad apps, the Apple iPad 2 tablet is much more desirable. Today, you can find over 90,000 apps now to download in Apple’s iTunes store and the number keeps growing.

List Price for both the Apple iPad 2 and new H.P. TouchPad start at $499.99.


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