Luxurious Bellperre Touch Smartphone

Bellperre Touch smartphone

Bellperre is the first luxury phone manufacturer in the world that makes each luxury phone based only upon a customer order.

Bellperre just announced they are introducing the world’s most refined luxury smartphone collection. It’s the Ultra Slim luxury smartphone, named Bellperre Touch. The new Bellperre Touch features the world’s largest surface of sapphire crystal glass ever used on a handset, in addition to utilizing the largest piece of leather on a single handset.

The new smartphone from Bellperre is also the world’s first to integrate “Touch Through Leather” technology. The Bellperre Touch frame is manufactured using corrosion-resistant, solid 316L stainless steel. This particular steel is the high-quality material used the finest luxury watch brands. The 316L stainless steel’s structure produces the ideal polished finish.

The new Bellperre smartphone features premier damage-resistance ratings and can withstand a wide range of challenging environments. The smartphone offers a perfectly polished, solid piece of sapphire crystal. The result is a crystal that delivers strength, is scratch-resistance, and has optical perfection.

Each Bellperre Touch smartphone is custom created with hand-bound in leather that’s procured from the best tanneries in the world. There are two leather options available – buffalo leather and alligator skin. These fine exotic leathers are available in 73 luxurious colors. The rare and exotic American alligator skin features a soft texture with clean, smooth scales.

Pricing for the new Bellperre Touch smartphone begins at around €2.600 for the 316L Steel, Buffalo leather version. The 316L Steel, Alligator Skin version is priced around €3.000.

If you are interested in buying the new Bellperre Touch smartphone, please contact us today to help with your purchase. Stay on top of the latest luxury technology news by following our luxury blog.

Photo: Bellperre


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