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IronScale - Managed Server Hosting

In my never ending efforts to find the right tools and aspects of technology that make my computing life easier to manage I happen to run across a new player in the managed server hosting space.

Now, I don’t give recommendations lightly and I also don’t give them without an extensive amount of research. With that said, I’ve checked into these folks and they are pretty good. The company’s core business lies in data center co-location services and they’ve branched out into the smoking hot segment of managed hosting.

Here’s the scoop – IronScale is a fully managed, fully automated server provisioning and management environment. True, there are countless companies out today that do this, but what I’ve learned is that IronScale is unique in that they perform all this rapid provisioning magic on real NOT virtual servers (a huge plus in my book!!!)

What’s also pretty cool is that they don’t have any special drivers or plugins integrated inside the OS. This means that when you install a gold image of Microsoft Server or Red Hat that’s what you’re installing, no crazy custom, pre-fabricated image with a ton of overhead.

I’m going to play with the environment a bit more, they’re currently in beta plan to be available for general release in about a month, but what I’ve seen so far looks real good froma speed, ease, and usability perspective.


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