Sweden-Based JAYS Manifests Its Love of Music in Top-of-the-Line Headphones


Any company that opens their introduction with their passion says a lot about how far they are willing to go to make the best products.  Swedish luxury headphone maker, JAYS begins their bio in just that way, “We love music… We followed our passion for music, listened with our ears and hearts and we listened carefully and shaped it until we loved what we heard.”

Their latest product, a-JAYS One+ is a remarkable headset with universal application across smartphone platforms, Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, and Blackberry.  Based on the award-winning a-JAYS series, it comes with a one-button remote, radically boosted with an app for Android available for free at Android Market (where it is top rated and one of the most downloaded).

The new, upgraded t-JAYS Four, JAYS’s finest and most fine-tuned in-ear earphone, now comes with a three-button remote for Apple products.

JAYS offers six families of headphones and earphones: t-JAYS, a-JAYS, d-JAYS, q-JAYS, v-JAYS, and c-JAYS, each uniquely designed for a specific and differentiated purpose.  a-JAYS offers a bass driven detailed sound enhanced in the voice spectrum, while t-JAYS provides a warmer sound ideal for acoustic music.

d-JAYS boasts a balanced sound with great midrange details and high output, and q-JAYS promotes neutral, transparent sound with very high details across the whole frequency range. c-JAYS and v-JAYS provide slightly more powerful sounds that’s more focused on bass.

The JAYS brand is now represented in 26 countries worldwide and is among one of the worlds’ fastest growing headphone brands.  It’s not surprising that JAYS has won multiple recognitions from Cnet, PC World, and PC Advisor.


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