JAYS – A Passion for Music and Listening Products for the Future

v-JAYS black headphones
v-JAYS Headphones

JAYS is a Swedish company that manufactures high quality earphones, headphones and audio accessories for consumers.

With a passion for music, the people behind JAYS had a simple, yet lofty goal – to develop products that would improve the world of music listening.

After trying their products, it would appear they have succeeded … and then some!

JAYS offers a wide family of music listening products for portable media players, and they all produce an amazing array of sound.

There are 4 different JAYS earphones including:
j-JAYS with an engaging bass driven sound
s-JAYS with fast & clear mid-range and punchy bass response
d-JAYS with balanced sound
q-JAYS with a neutral, transparent sound
a-JAYS with a rich, deep bass response

a-JAYS black earphones
a-JAYS Earphones

There are 2 available JAYS headphone styles including:
c-JAYS an award winning (2009 MacWorld – Best iPod Accessory of the Year award) with a crystal clear, balanced sound and 3 interchangeable ear cushions
v-JAYS with hard hitting sound combined with its lightweight design offers its listeners the ultimate in music enjoyment.

The v-JAYS are an incredible set of headphones that feature a deep bass sound. They are not only sleek, but also lightweight and their portable design make them perfect for any music listening situation.

If you are a person always on the go, don’t worry. The v-JAYS feature two folding joints, allowing these stylish headphones to simply slide into your pocket before you head out.

The jet black colored v-JAYS feature a rich, and vibrant high-performance sound and overall excellent audio quality. We can honestly say they are one of the very best music listening products found anywhere today.

For more information on all the JAYS earphone and headphone music listening products, please visit: http://www.jays.se/


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