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Savernake Knives

June 21 is Father’s Day. Men from all around the world will be celebrating this popular holiday to give thanks to all the wonderful fathers. Savernake Knives make the perfect gift for that special dad in your life.

More men are cooking. Studies show that men spend 15% more time in the kitchen than they did 50 years ago. Like their female counterparts, men also desire the best cooking products. Savernake Knives crafts perfect kitchen companions – the top choice of gift for fathers who love to cook!

Savernake Knives is the only knifemaker to offer completely bespoke knives. Each and every one is individually handcrafted to order. Therefore, it’s the ultimate luxurious gift entirely tailored to the penchants and proclivities of its end user.

Taking you on a unique journey of creation, Savernake hand customizes at each stage of the production process. The result is to produce world-class kitchen tools, created with loved recipients in mind.

Savernake Knives are the top choice of several first-class chefs across the UK.  From Tom Aikens, the youngest double – Michelin star winner to Emily Scott, the standout star of the Great British Menu.

Ultimate Carving Set

The Ultimate Carving Set (£1500) is a first-class Father’s Day present. Fully customizable, it features:
– Supreme performance carving board, which also serves as a canvas to be customized and engraved with any distinctive design, motif or family crest.
– The kitchen essential knife & tool set includes handles made of beautiful African Rosewood with contrasting blue linings.
– This too offers an exciting opportunity with personalized engravings. From dates and names to images, where there really is no limit. As a result it creates a very special individualized gift for Father’s Day.
– Includes a handstitched leather knife roll.

The Ultimate Carving Set is perfectly suited for family gatherings and celebrations!

The bespoke handles of Savernake Knives have become works of art in themselves. By customizing the handle of your Savernake knife, it adds yet another level of individual personalization. There’s a wide range of unique and striking materials to choose from. For example, English Walnut Wood or carefully crafted layers of colored G. F Smith paper stabilized in resin. The individualized and elegant finish of a Savernake knife belies its world class capabilities. Therefore, it makes them a stand-out, excellent Father’s Day present!

Classic Chef

The Classic Chef (pictured right £300) is an impeccable all-rounder knife. A must-have for home cooks and professional chefs. As with every Savernake Knife, the Classic Chef is precision engineered from the highest quality. Made with high-tech 14c28n Sandvik steel and sharpened by hand. They come with the ultimate cutting edge and features Savernake Knives’ trademark incredibly light, and easy to hone concave blade. As a result, it allows for smoother cutting and slicing with less sticking. Used for everything from finely chopping herbs to veg prep to boning a chicken.

The Classic Chef is modeled on the classic French design which boasts a deep, long blade, with a tapered end. The belly of the blade has a gentle curve, supporting the rocking chop motion favored by classically trained chefs. Lastly, it’s light, durable and incredibly sharp. The Classic Chef sees you through even the trickiest dinner party prep and the most arduous of kitchen shifts.

Sergeant Classic Knife

The Sergeant Classic Knife (£400). Designed in collaboration with Michelin star chef and acclaimed restaurateur Mark Sargeant. Savernake Knives has created the perfect everyday knife. They feature a rounded heel to the blade and a contoured handle. The end result is exceptional comfort, while cooking.

A proud father to his two young girls, Mark Sargeant loves sharing his passion for cooking with his children and wife. As a result, this knife makes a superb Father’s Day present. It is clearly a definite essential for any kitchen!

Good Chopper

The Good Chopper (£275) a is sublimely lightweight utility knife. It’s for those who appreciate a little Japanese influence in the design of their knives. Do you want wafer thin onions or have a mountain of spuds to tackle? No worries. Therefore, Good Chopper will cut, slice and dice with feather – like exactitude.

Each and every Savernake knife is handcrafted in the heart of Wiltshire on the outskirts of Savernake Forest. These knives use a combination of the best in aerospace manufacturing technology. They are also paired with meticulous hand-craftsmanship. As a result, Savernake Knives are able to produce bespoke, world-class knives for day-to-day use in the kitchen.

Savernake’s blades have been rated “Outstanding” for both sharpness and retention by top international standard independent assessors. Hence, the ranking places these well-made, British-made knives in the top 2% of all knives tested.

Their ease of use turns routine cooking into an enjoyable activity. Thus, it guarantees a Father’s Day present that will last a lifetime! Simply put, a Savernake knife cuts better and weighs less than any of its competitors. Along with being married with full customization pioneering innovative designs, it makes them a matchless Father’s Day gift!

On the present-giving front, the brand’s Carving Set is pretty unbeatable (£550). Engraved with anything you’d like Savernake Knives will also work with you to create the perfect handle. The Savernake Knife features a stylish handle, with fused layers of dyed pink wood.

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We hope you enjoyed reading about Savernake Knives. Wishing a wonderful Father’s Day to all the amazing dads! Contact us for all your luxury concierge service needs.

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