Ultimate “Cosmic X” Art Synergy – Jack Armstrong & Jaime Carbo Collaboration

Museo Soumaya - Mexico City - Jaime Carbo artist

What happens when Jack Armstrong, the “Best Modern American Artist” collaborates with Jaime Carbo, the “Best Post Pop Artist in Mexico“?

Answer: The intense colors literally explode off the canvas!  The combination of American artist Jack Armstrong & Mexican artist Jaime Carbo is a Cosmic X Post Pop Art synergy that can only be found in 2 modern paintings in the world.

With Armstrong’s art prices beginning at $10 million today, the unique collaboration with Jaime Carbo allows one to own an Armstrong “Cosmic X” painting for an amazing price.  In addition, this will catapult Carbo’s own work into the million dollar plus level, per piece.


Jack Armstrong collaborated with his favorite modern painter in Mexico.  He states, “Carbo is a modern Mexican Cosmic Art Master. His work is unlike any other and will be in museums worldwide, in the near future.”

Armstrong personally owns 19 paintings by Jaime Carbo. He conceived, commissioned and painted on two of them.  Here is an overview of each painting:

Faros-Revolucion - Jaime Carbo Jack Armstrong.jpg

1. The FAROS (Cosmic “Revolution”) painting by Carbo/Armstrong.
About 7 years ago, this painting was commissioned from Carbo by Armstrong for only $20K.  Jack also painted the Cosmic X background on it.  Plus, he signed the back in gold spray paint with his own fingerprints in the paint.  It is the finest modern Mexican painting by any artist in the last 70 years, including Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, or Tamayo.

“Revolution” is a ‘Cosmic Mexican Masterpiece’ and signifies the revolutionary way the Mexican Culture is thriving in the 21st century. As a result, the country is becoming a powerhouse with some of the most ‘Revolutionary’ new art in the world.

It is Carbo’s largest and most extraordinary painting at 8 Ft X 4 Ft, acrylic on wood.  The painting is museum quality for any “Post Pop Art” with Jack’s “COSMIC X” additions.  It’s almost a surreal cosmic “POINTALISM” like George Seurat – https://masterpiecesociety.com/georges-seurat/

The Silver Shaman on the Cosmic X Universal Surfboard in the center of Revolution, signifies the intense Cosmic winds that arrive in Art & Life that create everything good in the world.

‘Faros’ is one of the oldest cigarettes in Mexico history.  It is synonymous with “Revolution & Fire In the Mind & the Soul.”  Therefore, Jack and Jaime Carbo used it to create a magical “natural” fiery revolution for “cosmic thinking” and cosmic Art.  The painting is simply spectacular and the colors are quite stunning.

Faros was smoked by Pancho Villa & Emiliano Zapata during the Mexican Revolution. Therefore, virtually confirming Faros as the symbolic ‘Fire of the Revolution.’

Jaime Carbo states, “The Revolution painting I think will one day be in one of Mexico City’s magnificent Modern Museo’s of Art, & if it somehow ends up opposite a Frida Kahlo, in the Museo Soumaya, founded by Carlos Slim, Mexico’s richest man, it would be in very good company.”
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Museo_Soumaya (photo above)

Jack believes it’s the only major painting in the world featuring Faros, as a symbol of the modern spark of Revolution.  Villa & Zapata are perfect metaphors for today’s demonstrations worldwide, as both were the major champions of the common people in Mexico.

No doubt, Carbo will become world re-known, when ‘Revolution’ is eventually exhibited in a museum. Now you can own it!

Price: $20 Million


Cosmic Girl Love painting- by modern artists Jaime Carbo & Jack Armstrong.jpg
2. THE “COSMIC GIRL” painting by Carbo/Armstrong.
This painting was commissioned, co-painted and signed by Jack in gold paint on the back of the canvas.  The painting is 40 x 40 inches and acrylic on canvas.

According to Jack, it reminds him of a cosmic “LICHTENSTEIN” painting, along with the “COSMIC X POINTALISM” backgrounds created by Jack.

“Cosmic Girl” is spectacular and jumps quite literally off of the canvas.

Price: $10 Million


Jaime Carbo is very famous in Mexico.  His many hand painted murals can be found all over Mexico.  In fact, Carbo has created artwork for the government in Athens, Greece.  Plus, he’s done statues in both China and Mexico.

Both of these stunning and creative paintings are deeply textured and colored.  In fact, either would make the perfect addition to anyone’s art collection.  As a result, the collaboration between Armstrong and Carbo on both paintings, make them extremely rare in the world of modern art.

You can read the interview with Jaime Carbo in “Art & Museum Magazine UK” – Autumn 2018 edition (pg 45-46).  Both this article and the one below with Jack Armstrong, was written by Derek Cully. He discovered Damien Hirst and gave him his first two exhibitions in London.

Art & Museum Magazine

Jack states, “I commissioned both works 7 years ago for my private collection and collaborated with Carbo on both paintings.  I am proud to be associated with a modern master of motion, light, & cosmic energy.  He understands that everything I believe in my “Cosmic X” Philosophy, he also believes, & incorporates into his magical work, with color exploding off his canvases.”

Jack continues, “In Mexican Art, he is at a level all his own, with no peers, in sight.  He can only be explained as this centuries Tamayo.”

Armstrong personally knew and collaborated with iconic artists Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat.  Jack has told me that one of the proudest moments in his life was when Andy Warhol named him The Last Wizard of art.  His artwork and paintings are amazing and prices keep skyrocketing.

“The Last Wizard” label has now become the title of the upcoming movie about Jack’s life.  It is scheduled to be released later this year.  In addition, Armstrong created just 100 “Cosmic X” paintings and only less than 30 remain for sale.

Here’s another example how art continues to appreciate in value.  Ken Griffin is the founder of Citadel, and recently purchased a contemporary painting by American artist Jean Michel Basquiat … for an eye-popping $100 million!

You can read the interview with Jack Armstrong in “Art & Museum Magazine UK” – Summer 2017 edition (pg 34-37).
Art & Museum Magazine


Jack holds the world record for the most expensive motorcycle, cowboy boots and bicycle.  The Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship motorcycle is now available ($30 million), as well as the Cosmic Cowboy Boots ($6 million).  You can read additional articles on this site by searching for – “Jack Armstrong.”

Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson custom motorcycle - Jack Armstrong
“Cosmic Starship” – Custom Harley Davidson – (Photo R. Nichols) Price: $30 million


Cosmic Cowboy Boots - World's Most Expensive Boots - Jack Armstrong
“Cosmic Cowboy Boots” – Price: $6 million
Here’s an article from Money Inc. – https://moneyinc.com/most-expensive-cowboy-boots-in-the-world/

Also, he completed a custom painted glove ($10 million) and hat ($7 million) as a tribute to Michael Jackson, in support of his documentary movie premiering later this year.

Michael Jackson Cosmic X Love Glove and Golden Cosmic Mirage Hat - Jack Armstrong
Michael Jackson Golden’ Tribute’ Glove and Golden Cosmic Mirage Hat – Price: $10 million / $7 million

Any of these incredible art pieces would be ideal for any investor to own and have bragging rights by owning world record art! Below are additional published articles:

If interested in either of the Jack Armstrong and Jaime Carbo paintings or any of Jack’s other amazing pieces of art, please contact us today.

Photos: courtesy of Jack Armstrong


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