The Regal Lion Wine and Decanter Stoppers – Simply Stunning!

The Regal Lion Wine & Decanter Stoppers

The Regal Lion Wine & Decanter Stoppers are also stunning, Art Deco-inspired sculptures. Not only practical for wine lovers, but also as a gorgeous art sculpture. Each piece is carefully designed with precious metal and gems.

Featuring a custom designed base, The Regal Lion Wine & Decanter Stoppers sits beautifully atop your favorite wine bottle. It can also be used with a crystal decanter. Many wine drinkers simply shove the original cork back into the bottle or use a cheap store bought cork. No more people! It’s time to add some style to your wine drinking.

Each of The Regal Lion Wine & Decanter Stoppers are made to custom order. You can choose from a variety of options. For example, decide between 18K Gold, sterling silver or even 950 Platinum. Then accent with either shimmering diamonds or golden sapphires.

There is no denying that The Regal Lion is a true piece of art. So who is the target audience for this unique product? Someone who has the means to acquire it and appreciate its beauty. Someone with a refine taste for the best life has to offer. A person who can see the artistic allure of this piece. It’s a perfect gift for that special friend or family member. Or simply buy one or more for yourself and wow guests at your next social gathering. If you are an animal art collector, The Regal Lion Wine & Decanter Stoppers are perfect for you as well.

The Regal Lion Wine and Decanter Stoppers

Pick form 3 different sizes of The Regal Lion:
– as a Wine Stopper
– as a Fine Decanter Stopper; designed for a median-size neck, it will fit many fine decanters
– as a Baccarat Decanter Stopper for Baccarat’s three Square Whiskey Decanters; The Regal Lion can be purchased by itself or as the perfect companion with one of these magnificent decanters

Be sure to order fast. These rare products from Cameron-Zemtsov Design Associates (CZDA),are strictly limited. As a result, each is individually numbered. Pricing for The Regal Lion ranges between $6,300 up to $25,150 each.

Cameron-Zemtsov Design Associates have a strong belief in helping save endangered wildlife. Therefore, they will contribute 5% of the company’s sales to Born Free USA. This respected organization is a real global force in wildlife conservation.

Contact The Life of Luxury today if interested in purchasing The Regal Lion Wine & Decanter Stoppers. Be sure to return soon and follow this luxury blog. We enjoy sharing the best the world of luxury has to offer.

Photo: CZDA


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