WS 17800 – Three-zone Freestanding Wine Cabinet by Liebherr

WS 17800 - Three-zone Freestanding Wine Cabinet by Liebherr

Germany-based Liebherr Corporation is the worldwide leader in luxury refrigeration. The refrigeration company just launched a new wine storage cabinet – the latest model in Vinidor Line of wine units.

The refrigeration company is well respected and known for its innovation and characterized by sophisticated and elegant design.

The new WS 17800 by Liebherr is a three-zone freestanding wine cabinet that will hold 178 wine bottles.

The WS 17800 wine rack is targeted at wine drinkers of all levels. It features a stunning stainless steel surround and elegant design detail allows it be a perfect fit in any dining or recreation room.

The new Liebherr freestanding wine cabinet is perfect for the wine connoisseur who may not have enough space in their home for a cellar. The cabinet’s third temperature zone produces the perfect beverage storage temperature of 55º F plus a drinking temperature for white wines (41º F) and red wines (64º F).

Each of the three temperature zones can be adjusted separately from the other zones to adhere to the owners’ specific preferences.

Additional major features by Liebherr ensures successful wine maturity, such as:
• Constant, high air-quality, with re-circulated cooling and fresh air supplied through an activated charcoal filter
• Exact digital temperature controls in each of the three zones
• Wooden pull-out shelves on smooth telescopic rails that make selecting a bottle convenient
• Digital ventilation control to precisely maintain desired humidity between 50% and 80%
• Quiet storage, due to specially developed vibration-free compressors that keep bottles still
• Energy efficient LED lighting for an attractive display without adding any heat or UV light into the storage cabinet

Learn more about the WS 17800 wine cabinet by visiting It will also be available at fine and specialty appliance retailers across the U.S. and Canada beginning November 2012 with a manufacturer suggested retail price of $4,899 USD.


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