The Magnificence of Luxembourg


Luxembourg or frequently named Luxembourg City, is often called the “Gibraltar of the North”. Luxembourg is a stunning city with numerous valleys and plateaus that provide beautiful scenery.

The city is divided into 24 different districts. Only 3 of those should be a concern for any visitor to the city. Ville Gaute is known as the medieval core, the train station can be found in Gare, and Kirchberg is the modern city.

By far, the best choice to get around Luxembourg is by foot or using the bus network. Luxembourg is a small city so walking isn’t difficult at all, and this way you can fully enjoy this attractive city.

Luxembourg Castle is the best known attraction. The castle, over a 400-year period had been attacked on a repeated basis, then rebuilt by the Spaniards, Austrians, French, and then the Dutch. The result of the rebuilding is Luxembourg Castle has become the strongest fortress in all of Europe, second only to Gibraltar.

Be sure to visit the Casemates Bock. It’s a series of underground fortifications that were developed back in the 18th century.

The Casemates Bock are a World Heritage Site and can be found beneath all of the city. The Bock is the rock where the very first castle stood.

The old town is extremely picturesque and on both Wednesday and Saturday, enjoy a local market at Place Guillaume. You can also view a statue of William II of Netherlands.

Another must see is Alzette, which is a small but scenic river. The surrounding valley is locally known as the Grund. Here you can find a fortress that surrounds the valley. Nearby take a visit to the Neumunster cathedral, which has become a cultural center.

Containing the Parliament, the Grand Ducal Palace has been completely renovated. The Notre Dame Cathedral was constructed in the 17th century.

Nearby, take a look at the Gelle Fra, or Golden Lady. It’s a golden statue of a woman that holds a wreath, representing a symbol of victory.

Grand Duke’s birthday is held on June 23rd and is a national holiday in Luxembourg. It’s a fun time with multiple street celebrations and firework shows at night.

Schueberfouer is large celebration that runs two weeks between August and September. There is lots of great food to enjoy and many rides.

Don’t be confused because of the relatively small size of Luxembourg. It is rich in history, has numerous architecturally stunning buildings, and is a scenic pleasure to behold.


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