The “Garia Golf Car” – Redefining the Golf Cart

Garia golf car

Garia has developed a luxury golf car, that will redefine the existing golf cart as we know it.

We were recently invited to Las Vegas for an exclusive preview of the new Garia golf car from Denmark. In addition, we met some of the development team behind this exciting new product.

Anyone who appreciates fine design can appreciate the level that Danish designers have achieved with their design creations. The Garia golf car is no exception. Anders Lynge, who designed the product, has done a masterful job of staying true to the product but giving it a true makeover.

The Garia golf car was redesigned from the ground up without losing sight that it still needs to function as a golf cart. Now don’t make the mistake of thinking this is just another golf cart. It is something very special.

There are several important reasons why they have called this a “golf car”. One is the fact it’s produced by the Finnish Valmet Automotive in Uusikaupunki, Finland. Many people may not have heard of Valmet Automotive, but they have heard of the Porsche Boxter and Porsche Caymen that they manufacture for Porsche AG. Valmet Automotive brings the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, in the manufacture of the Garia golf car.

Garia golf car

The Garia golf car is top to bottom, a fully customizable vehicle that is not solely for the golf course. It has been designed for a number of other uses as well, and is definitely aimed squarely at the discriminating buyer. You can choose from 8 different exterior colors, 3 colors of leather seats, optional sport seats, and 4 styles of wheels. This selection of colors and materials really allows the new owner to make it their very own.

You can also select a refrigerator built into the dashboard, an interior lighting package that is wonderfully integrated into the design, as well as a heated windshield with wipers. This all electric vehicle really has some “get up and go” and would be as much at home on the links as it would be on short trips in your local community.

I was very impressed the vehicle from the moment I sat in it, and even more so when I drove it. Even at 6’3” I was very comfortable driving it and the Garia golf car handled very well. I found it to be very responsive and had a great feel while driving. Custom features such as an automatic parking brake means no more jamming on the parking brake every time you get in or out of the vehicle.

Garia golf car

In addition, little things like an insulated roof means you’re not getting into a mini oven every time you get back inside. It also has a very nice pop-up sun roof that allows nice air flow while you are driving along. That combined with an on board refrigerated compartment for your drinks and you are set for a great day out and about.

Developed along with professional golf players, the Garia golf car ensures optimal comfort. This allows golfers to focus on the most important fact – your golf game.

The Garia golf car is truly one of a kind. Any lucky owner will be the talk of the town. For more information, please visit Garia.


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