The Erte Collection from Courvoisier

Courvoisier Erte Collection
The Erte Collection – Courvoisier

The Erte Collection from Courvoisier combines two of the greatest pleasures in life – outstanding cognac and the eternal beauty of art.

This unique collection was created exclusively by the master of “Art Deco” – artist Erte.

The poor economic slow-down may have consumers scaling down this holiday season, but the Erte Collection from Courvoisier offers a timeless luxury “wish-list” gift item that possesses a priceless beauty and decadence that is sure to inspire your readers.

Originally released in the early 90s, the Complete Erte Collection and individual bottles from are now available in very limited quantity.

When these last bottles are sold – there will not be any more released, making this a truly unique collectors item that will appreciate in value in the coming years…

The Collection and individual bottles from the collection are available to a lucky few and could make for an incredible:

* Over-the-top and extravagant gift (i.e. Winter Holidays, Valentines, Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Any time…)
* Uniquely decorative collectors item that will appreciate over time
* The ultimate indulgent self-purchase

The Erte Collection is absolutely stunning and designed by one of most well know and innovative designers of the last century, The Master of Art Deco, Erte. I have included a photo of the bottles to give you a sense of this collection’s unique beauty.

Because items by the legendary designer Erte have become highly collectable, and because this was an unprecedented collaboration between an artist and a House of Cognac, I thought you might be particularly interested in hearing more about it. This is a one-of-a-kind collectable that any spirits aficionado, collector or design lover would die for.

This fabulous and extremely rare collection (see photo above) was originally designed in the 1980s by famed Art Deco artist and fashion illustrator – the Master, Erté

* Each Courvoisier Erte Collection includes 7 bottles with each image representing a different step in the cognac making process
* There are a limited number of bottles available worldwide.
* The extraordinary Cognac blend housed in these decanters is the Grande Champagne cognacs, the oldest dating back to 1892: the year of Erté’s birth
* Collection Price: $10,000
* Individual Price/bottle: $1,450

The collection or individual bottles can be ordered by calling 1-877-SPIRITS or visiting


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1 Response

  1. Charles Webb says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I own the entire set of Erte Courvoisier bottles including the ‘UnNumbered Bottle,’ within their original boxes, and with the authenticity certificates.

    I am interested in selling the collection, and would like to see if you have interest in acquiring them.

    Please let me know if we should speak further on the matter.

    Thank you for your time,


    Charles Webb