The Donald Trump Makeover of The White House – The Trump House

Donald Trump - Trump House by Cimon
Trump House by Cimon

How would Donald Trump redecorate the White House if he had run for the presidency, and won? That is the question world-renowned artist Cimon asked Doanld Trump last year while he was considering running for President.

A client wanted to give Donald Trump a sculpture to help him decide and encourage him to run for the White House. When Trump pulled from the race, the commissioned art piece was pulled.

Well now you can purchase the actual sculpture Trump House created by Cimon on eBay.

Cimon is best known for the sculpture, “Love, Paris” a LEGO motorcycle decorated with pink Swarovski crystals and commissioned for Paris Hilton‘s 30th birthday.

The Trump House is a LEGO® set of the White House that been covered with stunning, clear Swarovski® crystals lying on a layer of beautiful, emerald green Swarovski crystals.

The Trump House is 9 inches by 6 inches by 4 inches. This one of a kind collectable sculpture took Cimon over 100 hours to complete.

The starting bid for Trump House is $5,000 and can be viewed on eBay by clicking here –


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