“Secret Lives of the Super Rich: Mega Homes” on CNBC

CNBC TV show - Secret Lives of the Super Rich: Mega Homes

Dolly Lenz is the top real estate agent in New York City. Dolly has the nickname of the “eight billion-dollar woman” and rightfully so.

Since 1997, it’s been reported that superbroker Dolly Lenz, who is the chairman of Prudential Douglas Elliman is the top real estate broker in New York City and the United States. Over a very successful real estate career, Dolly has sold more business than any other agent in the United States.

Now you can see Dolly Lenz on TV on the new CNBC show “Secret Lives of the Super Rich: Mega Homes.” You’ll be able to a taste of the mind-blowing, high-end world of New York City real estate.

When the world’s super-rich desire to sell their mega homes, Dolly is the logical choice. The new CNBC TV show provides a glimpse into the high-stakes world of luxury real estate with one of the most powerful brokers in the business.

Dolly Lenz - top New York City realtor
Photo: Gillian Laub for the New York Times.

“Secret Lives of the Super Rich: Mega Homes” premiers Monday tonight at 8pm ET on CNBC.

Get insight into how these ultra-luxury properties get sold. Dolly has worked with numerous high-profile clients, celebrities and titans of industry including Deepak Chopra, Karl Lagerfeld and Billy Joel.

CNBC cameras provide viewers a first look inside world-famous designer Karl Lagerfeld’s NYC apartment. You can view the video here http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000106289

The Manhattan real estate market is booming as the über-wealthy from overseas are investing their vast wealth into New York City’s most desirable area. Often times, the property investment isn’t for themselves, but their lucky 18 and 19 year-old children.

The Dakota - Manhattan New York building

Another inside peak takes us inside The Dakota – the landmark New York building that has attracted the ultra-rich for decades. It’s so difficult to get a unit, even celebrities are not guaranteed approval by
Dakota’s board. Mega-stars like Cher, Madonna, and the New York Yankee’s A-Rod have all been turned down.

Take a look inside The Dakota http://www.cnbc.com/id/48461514 where Dolly Lenz has closed several deals.

Ever wanted to watch a bidding war of the wealthiest buyers? Dolly must handle multiple bids for a luxury high-rise apartment in the famous Time Warner Center.

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