Relax In A Luxury Gold Lounge Chair

Gold lounge chair
Courtesy of: Ventury Paris

Maison Ventury Paris’ Divine Collection has just reached a new level of luxurious comfort. This Winter, the brand’s products include a revamped Divine Collection Millesime 2010 Special Series called “The Carat Line” that includes two new models that sparkles: Golden colored or “24 carat” gold plated and crystals.

Epitomizing luxury, Maison Ventury Paris’ Divine series is bringing an amazing new collection right into your home. The newly revamped Divine Collection Millesime 2010 features a unique mix of rock chic, sophisticated styles, golden touches, vintage spirit, and exquisite couture materials.

One piece in particular will caught über-customer this holiday season. It’s a sparkling lounge chair with 24 carat gold and crystals! Customers are even able to customize their own furniture pieces by selecting the materials and patterns they wish to be used.

Thanks to Ventury, Divine’s premium bespoke engraving service, each chair is numbered and personalized with the name of the owner or its own brand. The 24 carat gold plated & crystals edition is only available upon special order for a price tag of €69,500. The Golden colored limited edition priced at €8,690.

Each Divine chair is hand tailored in France using world class materials and traditional craftsmanship. Using the same traditional methods as many Haute Couture houses in France, our skilled craftsmanters carefully customize each chair by hand, using state of the art tools.

Gold lounge chair
Courtesy of: Ventury Paris

Divine only uses top quality materials. The result is “a beautiful and timeless masterpiece that mixes exclusive style and exquisite design, an ethos we strive for.” says Ventury’s founder, Emmanuel Touraine.

Divine doesn’t only stand out from its competitors because of its 24 carat accents, but the line is also “cruelty-free , meaning no animals were harmed during the production of any of the products.

Each piece will be presented with a beautiful Certificate of Authenticity. The document not only verifies the materials in use, but indicates that each piece is handled intricately by our expert craftsmanster in France.

But it will only be a tiny, exclusive group of people who can become the proud owners of these gold (colored or gold plated) chairs. That’s because only few will ever be made, all numbered.

Allegedly, the waiting list for a Divine is over 3 months. In practice, however, many stores have a “call list” and an “order list”, both usually consisting of clients who have in one way or another become “regulars” or have formed a relationship with a particular Sales Associate.

To ensure potential buyers the greatest possible degree of discretion, these gold chairs are delivered to the buyer personally using a White Glove Service, in a specially designed packaging.

The first chairs in the series has already been sold to customers in Moscow, Doha and Beijing.

How will you dress your Divine?

The already iconic Divine lounge chair from Maison Ventury redefined ultra luxurious furniture. But Maison Ventury Paris is definitely not stopping at that.

For this season, they have reinvented their Divine Series. The new revamped series, the Divine Collection Millesime 2010 features 45 new models through nine new lines: Carat, Crystal, Palace, Glam Rock, Punk Chic, Prestige, Grand prix, Racing, Original… and price starts at €1,800 and can reach 5-digit prices.

The new designs and trends of this series promise to take luxury furniture to a whole new level. Buyers even have the choice of customizing their own furniture pieces by choosing the materials and patterns to be used.


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