Sub-Zero Announces New “Anywhere Refrigeration” Line of Luxury Refrigerators

SubZero 'Anywhere Refrigeration' luxury refrigerator

Since being founded in 1945, Sub-Zero, Inc. has become the leading manufacturer of American-made luxury refrigeration, freezers plus wine storage products.

Sub-Zero just introduced a cutting-edge line of integrated refrigeration that is part of their new generation product launch.

The new luxury refrigerator line is named “Anywhere Refrigeration” and offers consumers both advanced freshness performance and limitless design options.

Utilizing Sub-Zero’s pioneering freshness technology and advanced performance, the new integrated refrigeration also offers the company’s well-known dedication to quality.

Sub-Zero’s industry-leading food preservation technology and high quality product design provides virtually unlimited flexibility for a seamless incorporation into any home kitchen.

The new integrated refrigeration features dual refrigeration, precise temperature control air purification, in addition to a low temperature storage drawer. Every refrigerator model can be designed to be installed flush with the surrounding kitchen cabinetry and countertops, thus making it “disappear” into a kitchen’s decor.

The “Anywhere Refrigeration” line from Sub-Zero offers optional stainless steel finishes and limitless treatment and design options.

You can customize your new refrigerator by selecting from a choice of additional features for both simple as well as sophisticated functionality.
• Filtered and chilled internal water dispensers
• Inner refrigerator drawer dividers for organizational flexibility
• An optional ice maker
• Digital touch screen to set the cooling temperature with precision

The Sub-Zero integrated refrigeration units include the company’s pioneering freshness technology that greatly reduces elements that can spoil produce and other fresh foods.

To learn more about the new refrigerator line, titled “Anywhere Refrigeration” from Sub-Zero, please visit


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