VIP Experience: Luxury $2 Million Dinner & Vivid Blue Jane Seymour Diamond Ring

Jane Seymour diamond ring

Last year, we covered the Ultimate VIP Dinner – World’s Most Expensive Dining Experience at $2,000,000 event in Singapore. For a jaw-dropping $2,000,000, you could partake in the world’s most expensive dining experience. PLus, you will receive the Jane Seymour diamond ring. Well now you may be the luck winner in a unique fractional ownership model.

The US $2 Million Dinner was launched last year by World of Diamonds Group. The event has held at CE LA VI Singapore. The dinner is accompanied by a blue diamond ring, that is both endorsed and named after respected actress Jane Seymour. For an idea of just how valuable this ring is, a few facts. The 2.08 carat, VS1 Fancy Vivid blue, Jane Seymour diamond ring is set in 18-karat rose-gold-plated platinum. In addition, it features beautiful floral motifs. As a result, the ring embodies the beauty, grace, and talent of Hollywood actress, Jane Seymour.

The Jane Seymour diamond ring is the first and only piece of jewelry named after the former Bond girl, celebrating her illustrious career. The Emmy and Golden Globe award winner designs her own “Open Hearts” collection and is the brand ambassador of Signet Jewelers, the world’s largest jeweler with nearly 3,600 stores in the US, UK, and Canada. However, none of those jewelry pieces bear her name.

The US $2 Million has just been sold to Ville Oehman, a cryptocurrency veteran and founder of V Diamonds. The $2 Million Dinner, which Ville bought comes with the Jane Seymour diamond ring and the full dining experience. As to why World of Diamonds Group decided to sell this dinner to Ville Oehman, we have an official statement: Director of World of Diamonds Group, Karan Tilani was quoted “Having received applications from people who value the exclusivity of the ring and the dinner experience, we faced the dilemma of concluding on a single buyer. We embraced Ville Oehman’s concept of opening up the highly exclusive blue diamond market to a fractional ownership model by using blockchain technology”.

The Jane Seymour diamond ring will be sold in many parts or fractions. The dinner is being given away randomly as a prize to anybody who buys a part of the ring. There will be 1 million parts of the ring, and each part will be priced between US $2 and US $3. Ville’s concept provides the working class the opportunity to invest in blue diamonds since this is an asset that has traditionally only been available for the ultra-wealthy. Blue diamonds today cost over US $2 million per carat and are rarely available for sale. The reason is simply that they are so rare.

luxury yacht cruise

Ville is relaunching the US $2 Million Dinner, as he is now the owner of the whole experience. He wants to make the experience accessible and not only reserved for the rich and famous. Ville has separated the ring from the dinner experience. An ICO (initial coin offering) is being launched, backed by the blue diamond ring. This is among the world’s first ICOs that is asset-backed, by an asset that is continually appreciating in value. Therefore, people can actually invest in shares of a company. However, this ICO which V Diamonds will be launching is not an offering of any shares of the company. Rather, it’s an offering of being able to own a part of the blue Jane Seymour diamond ring.

So if you want the status and the chance at a VIP experience, then please read on. Anyone can buy a part of The Jane Seymour ring for between US $2 and $3 million. The ring’s exact price will be available during the ICO launch on the ICO website. Even after the ICO is completed, the ring will be owned by all the collective investors of the ring. However, it will be kept and stored by V Diamonds.

The ring will still be available for sale to a single buyer or through an auction house, and the proceeds of the sale will be distributed to all the owners of the ring when the eventual sale takes place. All the investors will be able to decide if and when it goes to auction or gets sold to a single buyer – there will be an online voting system for all the investors to participate in, periodically. Just like a public company has an AGM organized annually for its shareholders.

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One of the investors of the ring will win The Ultimate Dinner. Ville’s concept was to ‘democratize’ the dinner and make it accessible to everyone around the world. So now, anyone around the world can get invested in a celebrity blue diamond ring and at the same time, stand a chance to win a once in a lifetime dinner experience. Each part of the ring they buy, they get 1 chance to win the dinner. They can buy as many parts as they want as it is very affordably priced, and they will get more chances to win the dinner.

The entire luxury dinner experience concept has been relaunched, since it has been bought by V Diamonds. V Diamonds has its boutique at the private Commercially Important People (CIP) terminal at Singapore’s Changi Airport, and so V Diamonds relaunched the dinner concept in line with the airport theme. As the dinner is not taking place at CE LA VI Singapore, this dinner is not called the $2 Million Dinner anymore, but rather: The Ultimate Dinner.

The dinner will take place in Singapore. The winner will be provided return first-class tickets from anywhere in the world, provided complimentary hospitality at a presidential suite of a 5-star hotel (this will be Swissotel The Stamford (Singapore), which will have its revamped Presidential Suite available in 2018. The hotel was formerly the tallest in the world. We also offer the option of Fairmont Singapore for the winner, for their selection. Both Swissotel The Stamford and Fairmont Singapore are under AccorHotels, and they both have stunning Presidential Suites.) The winner will also enjoy other exclusive privileges such as VIP hospitality at various spas & clubs and other Michelin-starred meals.

The sale of the ring will begin toward the end of 2017. The winner will be announced in early 2018. The lucky winner gets to enjoy the dinner with someone of his/her choice. This VIP dinner experience is for 2 people. The Ultimate Dinner will take place during a 4-hour flight on a US $30 Million private jet with an 18-course cuisine prepared by Michelin-starred restaurant Jaan. But there is much more! A luxury yacht cruise and Rolls-Royce journey takes place before the dinner, and the winner and his/her partner will each dine with diamond chopsticks, worth US $17,000 each for a total of $34,000. They become the world’s most expensive chopsticks! Adorned with 84 high-quality colorless diamonds in total and weigh almost 8.5 carat. Don’t worry, you will be able to keep the chopsticks after the dinner is done. The winner and his/her partner will also enjoy 10,000 roses and vintage wines. To end your magical evening, there will be a fantastic fireworks display after the dinner.

To learn more, please contact The Life of Luxury. We can provide additional details about this unique opportunity. Our respected luxury concierge service offers your dream VIP experience. Attend a red carpet award show or a enjoy a celebrity “meet and greet”. How about attending a famous fashion shows in New York City, Paris, London or Milan? Take a luxury vacation and celebrate an anniversary, birthday or a romantic honeymoon. The possibilities are endless.

Now it’s time to live big. Enjoy the Ultimate Dinner and the chance to own the beautiful Jane Seymour Diamond Ring. Please stop by again and follow this luxury blog. We share the best news in the luxury industry.

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