Pure Inventions Water Enhancer

Pure Inventions

Pure Inventions recently introduced a new Vitamin-D water enhancer at World Tea Expo.

Although here are too many different flavor-enhancers available, Pure Inventions is unique. Pure Inventions offers a water enhancer that is unlike any other, plus it’s 100% safe, healthy, and delicious tasting.

For those who drink a lot of water, it can get boring drinking ounces of tasteless H2O. Pure Inventions possibly could be all you will ever need, by adding taste to your water.

By most professional standards, pure is not “generally recognized as safe.” Pure Inventions breaks that mold by offering a water enhancer that’s includes no artificial ingredients, colorings, or sweeteners.

Pure Inventions was carefully developed by nutritionists with a goal of helping people with nutrition.

Simply add a few drops of Pure Inventions extract into any 8oz glass of water, and the delightful taste will be refreshing.

Pure Inventions also claims that its water enhancer provides multiple health benefits such as a healthy liver, derived from high dosages of antioxidants.

You can find Pure available on-line as well as at over 1,500 high-end destination resorts and spas, including the luxury Mandarin Oriental and Doral Resort.


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