Pololu Valley and Pololu Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii

Pololu Valley & Pololu Beach - Big Island, Hawaii

Pololu Valley on the Big Island of Hawaii is a pristine and beautiful valley once inhabited by early Hawaiians, but long since abandoned because of fear of Tsunamis.

The valley, however, offers spectacular vistas of green sloping cliffs dropping into the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean below. Pololu Beach, located at the bottom of the valley, is also a gorgeous black sand beach. Because of these areas inaccessibility to cars, the area remains calm and pristine and is a great out of the way destination.

To get to Pololu Valley, drive to the very end of Highway 270 on the big island. At the parking lot/trailhead at the end of the highway you can either enjoy the spectacular Hawaiian scenery from your car, or you can take the adventurous route and hike down into the valley and onto the black sand beach below.

The hike is relatively short (about 25 minutes), but is rather steep and can be wet and treacherous. In fact, the trail was long closed due to earthquake damage, but has now re-opened to the public.

The zigzagging dirt path will take you through beautiful ironwood trees, through marshland, lead you past the creek flowing through the valley and offer you stunning views of waterfalls and the cliffs dropping into the ocean.

Once you arrive at Pololu beach, bring a picnic, spread out and relax. The breathtaking local island scenery is well worth the steep climb up and down.

Some people do brave the rough surf and go for a swim at this beach, but use extreme caution, especially in winter months as the surf and currents can be very strong.

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