Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours Ladies Watch – Backes & Strauss

Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours - Backes & Strauss

For two hundred and twenty five years, Backes & Strauss has been a pioneer of diamond cutting techniques and creative jewelry designs. They announced a new luxury watch – the Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours.

The Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours is a stunning lady’s cocktail that’s covered in a variety of spectacular stones that reflect colors of a rainbow.

Each luxury watch is created using a unique hand-picked process to select white and fancy colored diamonds. These beautiful diamonds are then individually placed to create a one-of-a-kind look. Therefore, no two Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours watches will ever be the same.

The watch creation process begins with a 18 carat white gold case. Diamonds of at least 66 different color hues and 10 different cuts (Baguette, Cushion, Marquise, Oval, Pear, Princess, Ascher, Emerald, Heart and Round Brilliant) are used on the watch’s dial, case and bracelet.

What I like that Backes & Strauss has done is use 225 stones to represent each year since the company was founded.

The Piccadilly Princess Royal Colours luxury watch dial is set with both white and natural colored diamonds – 65 diamonds with a total weight of 3.37 carats.

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