Diamond Jeweler DeJoria, Partners with Enigma Polo

Dejoria Enigma Polo

It’s a partnership of two of the luxury industry’s biggest powerhouses. John Paul DeJoria and Jerome Wirth are uniting and it looks to be a mega successful combination.

Leading Ethical Online Diamond Jeweler, DeJoria, is teaming-up with Enigma Polo.

DeJoria Diamonds, the online jeweler and brainchild of US billionaire John Paul DeJoria, has joined forces with Jerome Wirth’s famous Enigma Polo team in a joint promotion aimed at bringing web-based high quality bespoke diamond jewelery to polo’s fast-growing fan-base.

“Polo represents great opportunities for marketing our affordable, conflict-free, Kimberley Process, upscale diamond jewellery” said John Paul DeJoria “and we are delighted to be working closely with Jerome and his team in what promises to be an exciting and dynamic relationship.”

John Paul DeJoria is best known as the founder, amongst others, of leading hair-care company Paul Mitchell as well as Patron Tequila, the top-selling premium tequila brand worldwide and the mobile TV and technology company, ROK Entertainment Group.

DeJoria Diamonds has grown in popularity due to the relatively affordable prices it offers compared to the High Street, and what DeJoria refers to as their “flawless reputation” in the marketing of high quality conflict-free diamond jewelery.

“Whisper ‘Enigma’ when you call” says DeJoria

As a key element in the relationship with Enigma Polo, DeJoria Diamonds (www.dejoria.co.uk) will further reduce the price of jewelery to everyone who cites ‘Enigma’ when they contact the company.

“The image of Polo in most people’s minds is one of glamour, champagne and diamonds and while that image has a strong element of truth to it, the growing popularity of polo has lead to a much welcomed widening of interest in the sport which, in turn, has opened up new partnership opportunities such as our relationship with DeJoria Diamonds” said Jerome Wirth.


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