Personalized Lifestyle Management Services by Purveyors of Time Concierge

Purveyors of Time Concierge - Personalized Luxury Lifestyle Management Services

Celebrities have long been known to have an entourage of people following them around tending to their every whim and need. This entourage usually consists of at least one, if not more, personal assistants who dutifully perform just about every task imaginable.

Paying these personal assistants comes at a premium. Not only do you have to pay their salary (which can be hefty), but also benefits such as paid vacation, sick days, insurance, and even perhaps living expenses. This can be a pretty hefty investment and quite a large commitment for anyone…no matter their worth.

However, today there are companies such as Purveyors of Time Concierge in Los Angeles that can provide you with the same level of personalized, dedicated service that your very own personal assistant can provide … but on an on-call, as-needed basis.

Purveyors of Time Concierge is a world-class, personal assisting and errand-running company providing lifestyle management services to celebrities, music industry professionals, sports figures, high-net-worth individuals and families, among others.

Jeannette Jones, Founder and CEO, says “Living in Los Angeles, we saw firsthand the inherent need for a service that would cater to the successful and busy lifestyles of all kinds of affluent people, and we moved to fill that need.”

A native Angelino, Jeannette has extensive knowledge of the City of Los Angeles and adds a sophisticated flare to every project, offering clients an unprecedented level of service excellence. With the many years of assisting CEOs and presidents, Jeannette’s knack for anticipating the needs of high-level executives and streamlining their professional and personal lives, she has parlayed this expertise into the individually tailored services she provides her clients.

Jeannette’s strong entrepreneurial background has been the driving force in establishing Purveyors of Time as THE premier personal concierge service in Los Angeles.

Purveyors of Time’s concierge staff and lifestyle experts are some of the most experienced in the hospitality industry. All of their staff is dedicated to meeting their high standards of style, service, and personal attentiveness ensuring that your needs are met with the warmth, grace, and quality you expect.

Each member of their team has been thoroughly vetted with a complete background check, DMV record check, and all are fully bonded. Their entire organization and coterie of experts are always at your disposal.

Jeannette and her team of hospitality experts provide all of the same services provided by a full-time personal assistant, and MORE. From personal needs to professional demands, all of their clients enjoy a variety of lifestyle management services that run the gamut.

From personal assisting, luxury personal shopping, relocation services, vacant home services, estate management, fine dining reservations, private jet and yacht charters, luxury and exotic vehicles, bespoke travel, to researching and errand-running, Purveyors of Time will jump to the task.

Purveyors of Time will rent a luxurious vacation home for you, book an extraordinary hotel suite, find that exclusive Hermes bag, they will handle any request. They provide all of their clients with a sanctuary of intuitive, unwavering and highly-personalized service.

“Whether our client needs us to fly to Tuscany, Italy, to personally procure a bottle of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano or our client needs us to go to his loft to prepare it for his arrival in Los Angeles, no request is too extreme”. In today’s economy, everyone wants value for their hard-earned dollars”, says Jeannette. Purveyors of Time brings both competitive pricing and stellar service to all their clients.

Purveyors of Time offers on-call / as-needed services as well as comprehensive membership packages.

If you would like to find out more about Purveyors of Time and Jeannette Jones, visit their website at

You can also drop them an email or contact them at 310-471-7151 for a personal assessment of your individual needs. They would be delighted to be at your service.


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