Patek Philippe Celestial Watch Astronomical Timepiece of Luxury

Patek Philippe Celestial Watch
Patek Philippe Celestial Watch

Patek Philippe watches have long been popular due to their unique creativity, in addition to their intricate mechanical perfection.

Those watches that include astronomical indications are rare. The complicated style of the Patek Philippe Celestial – Ref 5102G is another example of a fine luxury watch.

The Patek Philippe Celestial is an exclusive model that was presented for the first time in 2002 at the Basel Fair.

The luxury watch depicts the night sky over Geneva, Switzerland. You will notice a crown at the 4 o’clock position to set the astronomical display.

The Patek Philippe Celestial watch features a blue dial with an elliptical window that shows the cardinal directions of the celestial display, set to true North.

The watch case of the Celestial is 37 mm and made of is white gold, with sides that are embossed with the Calatrava Cross.

The back sapphire crystal showcases the intricate workings of this elegant, luxury timepiece from Patek Philippe.

The front sapphire crystal of the The Patek Celestial luxury watch, covers the deep blue dial that’s overlaid with Roman numerals and elegant, skeletonized feuille hands. Both the lunar and orbit phases are also indicated.

At the 2 o’clock position, the crown allows the owner to manually set the time. I prefer the automatic movement, so not to worry about manually winding the timepiece.

The Patek Philippe Celestial Watch is just another reason why Patek Philippe continues to be vogue among men all around the world.


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