National Proposal Day – 21st Century Bride

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Last Tuesday was National Proposal Day and has learned some interesting facts about the 21st Century bride and gathered information about brides-to-be proposal stories.

A marriage proposal can be one of the happiest but also the most stressful events in your life.

Here’s a collection of fascinating facts on Wedding Proposals:

– When we asked women, what was the first thing that crossed your mind as soon as he popped the question?
26% said “WOW!. This ring is stunning”
23% said “I can’t wait to tell everyone!”
14% said “I am in shock… he took me by complete surprise!”
13% of women said “It’s about time he asked me to marry him!”
9% said “Shoot i wish I were wearing a different outfit or at least had thrown on some makeup!”
9% said “I wish I had gotten a manicure! I can’t take a pic of a ring with these nails!”
6% said “EEEK! I don’t know if I like this ring!”

– How many times have you been engaged?
82% of women said this is their first time
9% have been engaged before but broke off the engagement
5% have been been proposed to before but said “no”
4% have been married before

– The majority of women today (59%) say that they didn’t have to pressure their guy to pop the question because they both talked about getting engaged equally. However, 21% of women said that they WERE a pressure cooker… and that getting engaged was all they could talk about!

– Women are dating for longer before getting engaged. The majority of brides-to-be (27%) were dating their significant other between 3-5 years before getting engaged. The next biggest group of brides (22%) were dating their significant other between 1-2 years before getting engaged.

– Did he ask your dad for permission before proposing? 45% of women said the fiance asked permission from both parents before proposing, a whopping 34% said he did NOT ask their dad or their mom, 13% said he asked their dad and did not tell their mom, while 8% asked only their mom and not their dad.

– True love is alive! Women still get married because they are madly in love! 86% of women polled said that they wanted to walk down the aisle solely because they love their guy so much, they wanted to become his wife (finances, family, etc. were not their #1 reason for wanting to get hitched)! Starting a family was listed as the next most popular response, receiving 10% of the vote. Only 4% of women polled said they were getting married because they felt like it was time and their clock was ticking. Only .01% of women polled said that they were getting married because they were waiting to get married to have sex and wanted to be intimate with their partner.

– Did he get down on one knee? 78% of women said their fiance got down on one knee to propose, 22% of women said their guy did NOT get down on one knee.

– How surprised were you by your proposal? 65% of women said that the didn’t see the proposal coming that day but they did know it was in the future plans because they talked about it often, 18% of women said they were SHOCKED by their proposal and had no idea their man was thinking about popping the question, 13% of women said they knew when he was going to propose but acted surprised anyway!

– Is he the one? 65% of women polled say they are absolutely positive they are marrying their soulmate, 34% of women say they are confident that they are marrying the right guy, but do not believe in soulmates; 1% of women polled said they are not sure they are marrying the right guy.

– Who did you call first to share the news after he popped the question? 47% of women called their mom first, 27% of women called home and told both parents at once, 22% waited and did not call anyone at first because they wanted some time to enjoy the proposal privately, 1% called their sister first, 1% called their dad first, 1% called their fiance’s family first, 1% called their best friend first.

– How would you rate your proposal on a scale from 1-10? 50% of brides would give their men a “10” on the proposal, 14% would give their proposal a “9” on a scale from 1-10, 12% would give their proposal an “8”. The other numbers below 8 are pretty evenly divided with 1% each 2% each (ouch… 2% of women would give their proposal a “1”).

– How did you celebrate after he proposed? 28% said they went out to a nice dinner, just the two of them; 26% said they were already on vacation when he proposed; 19% said they spent a romantic night at home, just the two of them; 14% went out to dinner with family, 10% said they went out celebrating with friends.

– Did your guy seem nervous when he proposed? 54% said their fiance seemed a little nervous, but nothing too noticeable; 36% said their fiance was shaking like a leaf he was so nervous, and 10% said he was cool as a cucumber.

– Who was around when he proposed? 69% of women said their man proposed to them in private, with no one else around; 26% of women said there were LOTS of strangers around because he proposed in a very public place, and 9% said he popped the question around a group of close family/friends.

– How long did you wait to announce your proposal on Facebook? 85% of women waited to share the news on FB until they had told their close family and friends first, 10% said they posted their engagement on FB as soon as he popped the question, and 5% said their friends have posted things but they still haven’t changed their status to “engaged.”

– Were there tears flowing at your proposal? 42% said that there were no tears.. neither party cried; 31% of women said they cried but their fiance did not, 17% said that both they and their fiance were crying, 10% said that their man cried but they did not.


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