Panasonic’s 150 Inch Plasma TV

Back in January at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show ) 2008 in Las Vegas, Panasonic introduced the world’s largest HDTV plasma TV. It’s a whopping 150 inches!

This new concept design from Panasonic is called the “Life Screen”, and for good reason, the objects on-screen are life-size. This plasma TV has the equivalent resolution of 4 1080p HDTV’s. The total resolution of the Life Screen is 4,096 by 2,160 pixels, which gives this TV a diagonal screen size of 150 inches (12 ft. 6 inches), and it’s 11 feet wide!

Maybe the most impressive feature of this 150 inch behemoth is the fact that it’s only about 1 inch thick. Yeah, you will need to clear out about 66 square feet of wall space to mount it, but at least it will only stick out about 1 inch from the wall!

We have no doubt this thing will look sensational upconverting your 1080p HD movies.


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