Athena – Designer Modular Sofa

Athena - Designer modular sofa

Offered by Artnova, Athena is a multimedia upholstered sofa that features an integrated computer into it’s cool design.

Athena is a highly advanced and out-of-the-box sofa set. It includes an integrated computer, an iPod/iPhone dock, MP3 player with a wireless connection over the 2.4 Ghz radio signal, an 8 inch subwoofer and series of loudspeakers

The P.C. functions as a home computer workstation and can be used to read email messages, browse the internet and can even be setup to interface with your home multimedia system.

This looks like a comfy sofa but trendy designs such as this do come at a steep price. In this case, it will set you back about $15,436.

The design is unique and cutting-edge. Now you can enjoy the simple pleasures of laptop computing from the comforts of your sofa as the lapdesk provides a low cost alternative.

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