The “Opera Only” Project from Andrea Pivetta

Pivetta "Opera Only" The Luxury Space Amplifier

Andrea Pivetta is an Italian designer who over the last 2 decades has worked with numerous leaders from companies across various business industries.

Pivetta “Opera Only” is the latest creation from Andrea Pivetta. This amazing piece of art follows his original piece in the field of sound – a multi-channel amplifier titled “Pivetta Opera One.”

“Opera Only” is based on intuition, imagination and genius solution. It’s a fascinating piece that uniquely crosses between both sophisticated technology and art.

The size of “Opera Only” is impressive but required due to the fact it pumps out a staggering 160,000 watts. In addition, Andrea Pivetta also wanted to create something very special and unique from a visual point of view.

Andrea Pivetta’s mission is to simply offer a unique product. He feels his customers want solutions that are tailored just for them.

The external structure is constructed of aircraft aluminum. Cleverly thoughtout, its openings or connections are not visible from the outside.

This mightly amplifier can handle any speaker load. With transducers of equivalent stature, it can convey profound sonic beauty.

The Pivetta “Opera Only” openly reflects the expression of creativity and equally complemented by the inside high-quality audio technology.

It’s definitely an impressive visual. Consisting of a black 12-sides prism, its structure actually changes completely once the device is turned on. Divided into six distinct sections to unveil all the internal electronics at a glance.

The price tag is not available at this time, but is quite steep. Any owner will quickly realize the value and be able to experience extreme audio luxuries.


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