New Luxury Handbag Collection from Jitrois

Jitrois handbag collection

Jitrois is a French name that is synonymous with innovation in both fine leather and luxury skins.

Jitrois recently launched its first collection of handbags called the Margot range.

The new Margot handbag collection from Jitrois is deceptively classic on first appearance. This luxury Margot handbag collection is actually a hyper-luxury e-tablet case, that comes with an inner compartment perfectly fitted to enclose an iPad!

Jitrois as a fashion house has been running for close to 25 years, with Jean Claude Jitrois having made a world first in the textiles industry when he invented stretch leather in 1995, which contoured to the body like a second skin without any crease or folds.

In 2009, Jitrois pushed the boundaries of the properties of the material again, by launching a 5-pocket leather jeans which could be machine washed and even ironed.

Since the maison’s naissance, Jitrois has been a name synonymous with innovation; constantly working to go beyond the expectations of leather – the oldest material worn by man – to make it an ultramodern and practical luxury for the 21st century. The Margot bag’s properties continue in this theme of the maison.


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