New Book: Remembering Bruce Lee on the 50th Anniversary of his Passing

Bruce Lee book - In My Own Process

On July 20, 1973, the death of Bruce Lee shocked the world. We must remember the extraordinary life of Bruce Lee. In addition, reflect on his lasting legacy on the fiftieth anniversary of his passing.

A new book about the extraordinary life of Bruce Lee is amazing. He’s an icon in the truest sense. Genesis Publications compiled thoughts about Lee from his family, friends, colleagues and those influenced by his philosophy. They all contributed to his signed limited edition book, titled “In My Own Process by Bruce Lee.”

When legend Bruce Lee died, there was a void in both the film industry and martial arts community. The icon left us at only 32 years of age. Yet, Lee’s impact on popular culture and the martial arts genre was immeasurable. Now 50 years later, his popularity continues to grow over the last half-century.

Shannon Lee is his daughter and states, “50 years after his death, we’re still talking about him. I would venture a guess that 95 percent of people know the name Bruce Lee. They might not know much about him, but they know his name, and it is the ‘why’ of that which excites me about continuing his legacy.”

Jet Li is a champion martial artist and Chinese film actor. He says, “Bruce Lee is a consistent cultural force so it’s hard to believe that he passed away 50 years ago. I only saw his films for the first time in 1974, the year after he died. In the 1970s, I had the chance to travel to many countries around the world and whether it was in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia or the United States I would hear people mention Bruce Lee’s name. He was adored universally.”

Bruce Lee book - In My Own Process

In partnership with the family of Bruce Lee, Genesis is proud to announce the upcoming publication of Bruce Lee: In My Own Process – the official limited edition boxed set documenting the life and work of one of the most significant cultural icons of all time. Published in the fiftieth year of his passing, In My Own Process celebrates Lee’s legacy as a martial artist, actor and philosopher, offering readers the definitive book of his spectacular career.

The In My Own Process book opens up the Bruce Lee archives. Researchers collated through previously unpublished photographs, journals, film stills, drawings, teachings and writings. Plus, extensive commentary in Lee’s own words, interviews with his friends and family add personal insight. Also, contributions from today’s leading figures in music, film, and sport examine the long-lasting impact of Lee’s incredible career and legacy.

The Deluxe Copies

Numbered 1 to 350, the Deluxe book copies are quarter-bound in yellow cloth and laser-cut acrylic. The transparent boards reveal an on-set image of Bruce Lee in the famous Hall of Mirrors scene from the Lee Family Archive. A dragon motif, drawn during his time working on Enter the Dragon, features on the back. Also, inset into the cover of the box is a metallic gold core symbol medallion. It includes gold foil lettering on the reverse, viewable from the inside cover of the box.

There will be only 350 copies produced. Each book is signed by Shannon Lee, Linda Lee Cadwell and Tony Hawk and offered within a specially designed Bruce Lee book bag.

The Collector Copies

Numbered 351 to 2,000, the Collector copies are bound in black and red cloth. The book will feature an on-set action photo of Bruce Lee from the Lee Family Archive. A dragon motif, drawn during his time in Enter the Dragon features on the back.

There will be only 1,650 copies produced. Each book is signed by Shannon Lee, Linda Lee Cadwell and Tony Hawk. It is bound in black and red cloth with colored foils and gold page edging. The Bruce Lee book comes in a clamshell box with core symbol medallion inset. In addition, you will receive an enamel pin, facsimile of Bruce Lee’s essay In My Own Process, a leather bookmark, two fabric passes and photographic print.

Tony Hawk says, “Bruce Lee has inspired many skaters. He exemplified discipline and finding your own path to success while committed to doing something you love.”

Shannon Lee continues, “There are eight letters entitled ‘In My Own Process’ and they all are refining these concepts of what it means to be a martial artist, who Bruce Lee is, this idea of self-constructed security patterns and being totally honest.”

The book will be available later this winter. Pre-orders are being accepted.  For additional information, click here: Pre-Order

The groundbreaking philosophy, physical prowess, and charismatic on-screen presence of Bruce Lee revolutionized martial arts cinema.  Now you can own the In My Own Process book, reminding us of his enduring spirit and the mark he left on the world.

Photos: Genesis Publications


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