Custom Mobile Estate of Music Diva Mariah Carey

Custom Mobile Estate - Mariah Carey

When celebrities travel, they love to go first class. But there are times when traveling by private jet is not always an option.  Instead of a traditional tour bus, some celebs go in luxury style.

Music diva Mariah Carey rides in an amazing, two-story 1,200 square foot, mobile estate that will blow your mind. It comes equipped with a luxury living room, custom make-up area and a stunning second level dance club!

This ultra-luxury mobile estate used on-set, comes with 3 levels was designed by R.J. Anderson of “Anderson Mobile Estates” who calls it a “skyscraper on wheels.” Don’t miss the video clip below.

The living area alone is 600 square feet and perfect for Maria Carey, hew crew and guests to have a fun time. There’s a luxurious 15 foot, custom couch, a 65 inch, Samsung 9000 TV and an awesome surround-sound system.

Mariah’s mobile estate was designed with 2 tons of marble and stone. The custom kitchen is top-notch with a custom stove-top, convection oven and even a hideaway Sub-Zero refrigerator.

After climbing the granite staircase, you arrive at the second level dance club! This space was custom lighting and a 35 foot wrap around couch. There’s enough seating for up to 35 people and be entertained with two 60 inch TVs.

Price tag for Mariah Carey’s mobile estate is $1.8 million.

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Video shot by Great American Country


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