Michael Phelps Ends Record Breaking Olympic Career with Another Gold Medal

Michael Phelps - London Olympics gold medal swimmer
REUTERS/Jorge Silva

As the career of the greatest swimmer of all-time ends, it is incredible to see what Michael Phelps has accomplished in his stellar swim career.

Earlier today, Michael Phelps swam as part of the U.S. 400-Meter Medley Relay team that brought home another gold medal. This was 18th Olympic gold that Michael Phelps has won over 3 Summer Olympic Games.

Phelp’s last medal gives him a total of 22 career Olympic medals. Along with long-time swim coach Bob Bowman, the two have brought swimming to another level in world popularity. They have traveled to hundreds of swim meets and went to thousands of pre-dawn practices with the ultimate goal of being the best swimmer in the world.

In his last Olympic race, Michael Phelps swam the third leg (butterfly) of the race and teamed with fellow American swimmers, backstroker Matt Grevers, breaststroker Brendan Hansen and freestyler Nathan Adrian.

Michael Phelps - 400 Meter Medley relay swim race
AP Photo

The U.S. won the Gold medal a fast time of 3:29.35. Japan won the silver medal with a time of 3:31.26 and Australia took bronze at 3:31.58.

At the 2012 London Olympic Games, Michael Phelps swam in 7 races, compared to the 8 we swam in Bejing back in 2008. Phelps won four gold medals and two silver medals to become the most decorated swimmer in the London Games.

When asked about is amazing career accomplishment, Phelps replied, “I could probably sum it up in a couple of words and just say, ‘I did it.'”

Michael Phelps was proud to break the all-time medal record of 18 that was held by female Soviet gymnastics legend Larysa Latynina between 1956 – 1964.

The American 400 IM relay swim race victory also keeps a streak alive as the U.S. has never lost an Olympic 400 medley relay race.

It took almost 50 years for Michael Phelps to break the  all-time Olympic medal record.  It’s hard to believe anyone can do it ever again. Michael Phelps, you are the best!


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