Shadow Creek – Golf At The Bellagio in Las Vegas

Photo: Shadow Creek

Bellagio presents the upper echelon of Las Vegas golf. Be sure to indulge your love for the game of golf. The World-famous Shadow Creek golf course, legendary Primm Valley site, and various Partner Courses each offer a distinctive experience to suit your specific level of play. Now go grab your golf clubs and head to Bellagio Golf.

When you stay at the luxurious Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas you get to play golf at the world famous Shadow Creek course and the legendary Primm Valley site. This rare privilege for hotel guests, includes limousine transportation and a personal caddie.

The Bellagio hotel also has affiliations with several other golf courses. So take a much needed break from gambling and indulge in the game you love, for a weekend away. It’s going to be wonderful weekend.

These golf courses are manicured to perfection. The greens are lush, the lakes are cool, and the water features are breathtaking. The sun shines bright in the beautiful blue desert sky that’s always shining in sultry Las Vegas.

The palm trees sway in the soft blowing wind, which sends the aroma of the plants and flowers your way as you swing and hit a perfect… hole-in-one shot.

What are you waiting for .… FOUR!


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