Mejor Blanco Tequila

The Mejor™ Tequila Company, LLC (MTC) introduces a luxury line of upscale tequilas, crafted to deliver unsurpassed quality and sophistication.

The news comes with much excitement and has created a buzz in the fine spirits industry and with luxury spirit connoisseurs alike. Experience Mejor™ tequila and take the ultimate step into modern luxury.

Mejor™ is a new luxury tequila, but the founders of MTC have a mature understanding and long association with tequila.  In fact, the art of cultivating premium quality (weber) blue agave has been in the family since the mid 1900’s, and it is with great pride that Mejor introduces its super premium lines of tequilas using its own family estate blue agave.

The family estate fields of Mejor are located in the los Altos de Jalisco region- known for the rich red soils and tame arid microclimate consistently yielding the best crops of tall majestic blue agave.

Mejor’s Blanco tequila is as pure and fresh as it gets.  Mejor’s Blanco tequila, with its naturally smooth taste is perfect for sipping, shots, or mixing with traditional fruit blends.  Traditional margaritas with Mejor Blanco will taste clean, fresh and crisp.


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