Luxurious Handcrafted Whisky Cabinet by Whisky Vault

Whisky Vault - Firedragon whisky cabinet

Do you know a whisky lover who enjoys the best life has to offer? Maybe a handcrafted Whisky Cabinet is the perfect holiday gift for that good friend or special person in your life.

Whisky is a spirit that does not discriminate. Enjoyed by both men and women, whisky is the perfect choice. Its allure is the warmth and comforting embrace that it delivers.

As the popularity of whisky continues to grow, so do the number of gift options. From an elements set to glass sets to whisky stones, the choices are endless. But consider a practical gift that is just as much a piece of fine decor, as it is a practical whisky cabinet.

Offered by Whisky Vault, their handcrafted whisky cabinets are incredible. Each one is handcrafted and unique. Often furniture is mass produced and the end result is sub-par quality. Not in this case. It is perfection from top to bottom, inside and out.

First of all, the luxury safe features a bulletproof window. You’ve made an important in your whisky collection. Why not invest in a whisky cabinet that will not only protect, but is also visually stunning.

Whisky Vault - teak whisky cabinet

Here’s a list of some of the key product features:
* Solid handcrafted teak cabinet
* Vault door with locking bolts
* Steel plate construction
* Machined aluminum tri-spoke handle
* Individually numbered / limited edition / custom built
* UL certified La Gard electronic lock system

Below are the cabinet’s specifications:
Vault: 77 cm x 40 cm x 62 cm (H) / holds 21 bottles.
Cabinet: 77 cm x 40 cm x 64 cm (H) / holds 21 bottles.
Weight 140 kg / 308 pounds.

The whisky cabinet by Whisky Vault is perfect for either your Game Room or Man Cave. It is definitely a conversation piece and will be enjoyed for many years to come. The ultimate whisky protection for the serious collector.

Whisky Vault is scheduled for a global launch this December. Anticipation has been steadily growing. The new whisky vault will be available on the Indiegogo website. The starting price is $6,000 (US), but 50 units will be available at an incredible 51% discount.

Todd Lawrence is the owner of Whisky Vault. He is originally from Los Angeles, but has been happily living in Taiwan for the past 23 years. While working in the manufacturing industry, Todd decided to design and develop a Whisky Vault for his own office. He then began making them for his friends.

The word continued to spread and he quickly noticed how popular they were among whisky collectors. There was a strong desire for people to offer a secure place to showcase their collection without having to worry about bottles going missing or accidentally being opened by drunk friends. That is how Whisky Vault came to be.

In the feature image, the fire dragon is a gorgeous, hand airbrushed panel inside the vault door. This is custom feature offered to buyers. In addition, each panel is done one by one and personally signed by the artist.

The whisky cabinet makes the perfect gift for any whisky lover. Please return agin to follow our popular luxury blog. Read about the latest products and industry news.

Photo: Whisky Vault


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