Luxury Yacht ES-117 by Elie Saab

Yacht ES-117

A new luxury yacht was announced at the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show 2010. In a collaboration between Elie Saab, Weyves Couture and Oceanco, the unveiling of the ES117 was an exciting event.

The high-profile launch event announced the introduction of the luxury ES117 yacht, which will be the first of three megayachts that will be designed by leading Lebanese designer – Elie Saab.

The ES-117 megayacht will be an impressive 385 feet (117m) in length. The yacht’s sleek design will include a high ceiling. This feature is something Elie Saab introduced exclusively to the yacht industry.

Its planned that the luxury yacht will be built by the prestigious megayacht builder, Oceanco.

The ES117 yacht appears to be the culmination of creativity, engineering and vision. The hull will be manufactured using both aluminium and steel.

The ES117 will feature two private suites across two decks that will be reserved for the owner. In addition, guests will enjoy ten luxurious suites, a swimming pool, whirlpool, spa, gym and even a theater.

It appears that the ES-117 megayacht will provide ultimate comfort and unimaginable luxury.

Source: AME Info


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