Lush, Terraced Gardens of Limahuli – Kauai, Hawaii

Limahuli Garden - Kauai, Hawaii
Limahuli Garden

Located on the north shore of Kauai, Haena Beach Park is one of the most poplar beaches on the lush, Garden Isle.

There are three National Tropical Botanical Gardens on Kauai, including Limahuli Garden. The other two are the Allerton and McBryde Gardens, in the fertile Lawai Valley.

You can find Limahuli Garden directly behind Haena Beach on the sheer face of Mount Makana.  It’s an incredible sight as the cliff is thick with ground cover and other types of  plants that cling to its side.

Through its efforts, Limahuli Garden achieves its goal of educating the the public, as well as trying to re-establish native Hawaiian plants among flora that that was recently introduced to the area.

A small sample of the plants you will see there include: Fiddlehead fern, Koki‘o, Water lily, Ko‘oko‘olau, Iliau, Māmaki, Octopus tree, Octopus tree, Gardenia ‘Amy Yoshioka’, Pineapple, Munroidendron racemosum, ‘Awa, Pāpala kēpau, `Ōhi`a lehua, Hau hele `ula and Lobelia niihauensis.

Limahuli Garden offers visitors a chance to view a wide variety of rare and native Hawaiian plants as well as traditional lava rock wall terraces that go back over 700 years.

Located behind the Garden is Limahuli Preserve. Here, restoration biologists along with conservationists are working hard to try and preserve plant species that are native to this local habitat.

To enjoy the beauty of Limahuli Garden up close, take a stroll along an approximately 3/4 mile long trail that the wanders through the terraces and eventually reaches a scenic bluff offering incredible views of the lush, green Makana Mountain plus the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Legend has it that ancient Hawaiians once hurled burning sticks from Makana Mountain, that were then carried out to to sea by the updraft winds from the mountain.

There are 2 hour guided tours available Tuesday through Saturday from 9:30am-4pm.  The price is $25. Or try a 90 minute self-guided tour for just $15. Both tours include a guide book.

Limahuli Garden


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