CraftSteak Steak House at the MGM Grand

Craftsteak Steak House Restaurant - MGM Grand Las Vegas
Photo courtesy of MGM Media

The CraftSteak Steak House is located at the luxury MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

CraftSteak is a bit gimmicy in that they serve “Kobe Beef”. Due to regulations, it is not 100% real Kobe beef, but is still pretty darn good.

The quality of food is superb, and the variety and larger portions were great. Between the two of us, he dined on two or three small appetizers, three steaks, numerous side dishes, as well as a variety of homemade ice creams for our desert. We were also served several palette cleansers between our servings.

The CraftSteak Steak House restaurant service was stellar. The waiter was an older gentleman who had a very strong accent. He sounded somewhat like a vampire, but was just brilliant.

The waiter recommended the the mashed potatoes and said they were “ridiculous”. That was no mistake as they were incredible. It was like an equal mix of cream and potato and the taste was quite intense. They were great.

The CraftSteak steaks were in one word – terrific. The meat is extremely tender and flavorful. The steaks seemed to have been oozing “goodness” out of them. Juice galore. We got three steak cuts, a New York Strip, a Fillet, and one other served with the tasting menu. My only regret was not getting the Steak Tartar as the suggested first course. The waiter switched to a Foie Gras since we were pussies when it came to eating raw meat.

CraftSteak is on the expensive side, but it is a memorable meal and will let you get in some “Kobe Beef” which will be one of the most flavorful tender cuts of meat you have ever eaten. I would definitely go there again, and take some friends here to pop their “Kobe” cherry.


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