Fall of the Berlin Wall: 20th Anniversary Celebration

Fall of Berlin Wall Celebration - Germany

It’s hard to be believe it’s been 20 years since the fall of the mighty Berlin Wall in Germany.  The wall that divided East versus West and divergent ideologies is gearing up for a huge celebration.

Arguably the most moving historic moment of the 20th century, was the ultimate fall of the Berlin Wall. 2009 will mark 20 years ago this year– was an unforgettable triumph.

Not hard to imagine that Germany is scaling up for a huge celebration and is planning an array of exciting events to commemorate this momentous occasion.

Berlin, now country’s capital, is a haven of creative design and hip cultural delights – is throwing a year-long party for the world to enjoy.

In May, visit the launch of an open-air exhibit on Alexanderplatz (formerly in East Berlin) about the fall of East Germany’s communist government. From November 7 to 9, a three-day “Festival of Freedom” will take place at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. This historic event will be “culminating in a multimedia recreation of the wall coming down.”

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