Luigi Bianchi Mantova – Spring / Summer 2013 Collection

Luigi Bianchi Mantova men's jacket
Luigi Bianchi Mantova

With its Spring/Summer 2013 collection Luigi Bianchi Mantova continues the evolution of its sophisticated “Made in Italy” dress code, that distinguishes the brand for over 100 years.

The new collection offers an eclectic proposal of exclusive high quality fabrics, combined with experimental treatments and details, produced according to the highest northern Italian manufacturing standards.

The luxury shirt jackets, made with a cotton and silk blend, are as thin and light as a shirt and provide an unconstructed comfort. The tweed sport blazers, ideal for the Summer season, evoke a British sensitivity, with their micro-designs and sporty yet luxurious feel.

While the Hampton Springs silk jackets provide a sense of casual sophistication, the Long Island fancy blazer in linen/ cotton and wool/linen offers a relaxed rugged fit.

As for the fits, two are the styles proposed for Spring/Summer 2013. The formal blazer is constructed due to the use of wool and inner linings that make the fit tailor made.

The tangerine blazer has a softer rustic appeal thanks to its unlined construction and the use of playful color palettes, from the natural ochres and tans to the vibrant blues and creamy whites.

To complete the offer, the jersey blazer renews itself with perfectly calibrated linen and cotton blends. The undercollar flower prints in pure cotton and matching buttons embellish the look and give it a vintage feel.

In the suits proposals, we find solaro and shinier fabrics that give the garments a very silky “mood” by combining silk with other light and luxurious yarns like soft cashmeres, and super light wools


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