Amazing 2016 Seastrong Diver Heritage Watch from Alpina

Alpina Seastrong Diver Heritage Watch

Alpina has announced the release of their 2016 Seastrong Diver Heritage watch. For those not aware, Alpina is a family-owned, fine watchmaking brand located in Geneva, Switzerland. The Swiss watch manufacturer has been in business for greater than 130 years. Alpina was founded in 1883 and is widely recognized for its red triangle signature.

The Swiss watchmaker first introduced its “Seastrong 10” Super Compressor diving watch over 50 years ago. The latest release is the Seastrong Diver Heritage and it is quite an impressive watch. It’s a Swiss watchmaking classic watch first appearing in 1942, now with a modern interpretation.

The challenge Alpina faced many years ago was their customers wanted water-resistant cases. The result of endless research and development was the classic Alpina 4 watch. The number 4 represented the 4 high quality characteristics.
1) The timepiece had antimagnetic properties.
2) An “Incabloc” impact protection device actually protected the delicate pivots of the balance wheel from any breakage.
3) The highly resilient watch case was made from stainless steel.
4) The Alpina 4 came in a “Geneva” type water-resistant case. Its specially designed crown was patented.

But to become a genuine diving watch, Alpina had to continue with years of development. German specialist magazine Uhrmacher-Woche stated, “When the water-resistant watch came on the market 15 years ago, some people thought it was just another crazy fashion or a sales gimmick. After all it is not absolutely necessary to wear your watch in the bath.”

2016 Seastrong Diver Heritage Watch from Alpina

The importance of an accurate divers watch cannot be minimized. Air supply is is critical to any diver due it being limited. When gone, it’s obviously a huge problem. One important feature of any diving watch is the ability to clearly see the hours, minutes and seconds. So diving wristwatches are made with bold, illuminated dials and hands. In addition, these specialty watches include a helpful rotating bezel. The rotating bezel is only turned in an anticlockwise direction. This prevents accidentally increasing the remaining time the diver can stay under water.

The new Seastrong Diver Heritage watch from Alpina is an impressive looking diving watch, that is quite stylish as well. The watch’s 60 minute division is not just for divers. The arrow can be easily moved and as hour hand approaches, can be a signal that your parking meter is about to expire or an important deadline is nearing.

The watch case of the Seastrong Diver Heritage is now an impressive 42 millimetres and made from classic stainless steel. The screwed case back case will resist water pressure up to 30 bar or a diving depth of 300 m/1000ft. To ensure highly accurate timekeeping, the new Alpina watch utilizes the modern AL-525 automatic calibre.

The balance wheel completes 28,800 vibrations per hour. The watch also has 38 hours of power reserve when fully wound. The high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail are very evident. You have several dial style options to choose from. A dark option conveys an elegant look, while the light-dark contrast model is ideal for someone wanting to go a little retro.

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Photo: Alpina


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