Henri J. Sillam – An Exquisite Jewelry Collection

Henri J. Sillam jewelry
Courtesy of: Henri J. Sillam

One of the world’s most established and well-respected European jewelry brands is “Henri J. Sillam – Joallierie depuis 1835.”

The House of Sillam was founded in Paris in 1835. The company’s flagship store and workshop are in the heart of Vienna, Austria, with boutiques on Salburg’s Alter Markt and inside Paris’ famed, Four Seasons Hotel George V.

In early 2008, Sam Cole launched Henri J. Sillam Ltd. and began showing Sillam’s spectacular and unique creations to a select group of clients, through private appointments and trunk shows in Los Angeles, Monte Carlo and Athens.

Following the success of several showcase vitrines inside two Beverly Hills luxury hotels, Cole and Sillam have partnered to open House of Sillam’s first U.S. boutique inside The Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills in California.

Henri J. Sillam jewelry
Courtesy of: Henri J. Sillam

For more than 100 years the family business, Henri J. Sillam, has been dedicated to professional and careful workmanship of jewels and precious metals. His trademark is originality in contemporary design, using rare gems and pearls.

In some instances, precious minerals from far-reaching corners of the world, including Green Persian Turquoise and Black Diamond. Each piece is completely unique, a treasure of timeless beauty reflecting quality, perfection and style.

Visit the Henri J. Sillam boutique inside The Peninsula Beverly Hills, to experience the exquisite collection including the amazing Strawberry ring entirely covered with rubies, the Green Apple ring with white diamonds, and the Champagne Cork ring in yellow sapphires and diamonds.

The collection of diamonds are absolutely gorgeous, proving the adventurous spirit of design by Henri J. Sillam.

For more information, please visit the dazzling collections at Henri J. Sillam.


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