Dot Deco Collection by John Hardy

Fall 2010 Dot Deco collection - John Hardy
Photo: John Hardy

A new interpretation of a classic John Hardy design this fall has arrived – Dot Deco Collection.

The Fall 2010 Dot Deco collection is elegant and the luxury jewelry presents the expression of the classic, elegant lines of the 1920s Jazz age and Art Deco period.

Dot Deco Collection by John Hardy was inspired from Creative Director, Guy Bedarida’s recent trip to France. The stylish jewelry was generated by the traditional method of flattening and smoothing small metal balls.

Now in 2010, the dot is rendered in a larger, more impactful format of sterling silver and 18K gold alongside details of finely Carved Chain. The Dot Deco Gold and Silver Flexible Cuff is individually carved in wax first, then cast and threaded on to titanium wire by a master artisan.

This piece showcases strong geometry, rhythmic patterns and highly polished surfaces that echo the controlled elegance of the Art Deco movement.


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