Lisa Adams Luxury Closets

Lisa Adams luxury closet

We’ve all heard about the women shopping away and then building large walk in closets to store their belongings. Even the movies pay homage to this shopping-hoarding-closet design trend that has caught every woman’s fancy (hint: Mr Big transforms the existing closet in Carrie and Big’s new NYC pad into an inviting closet with a room like appeal in SATC1).

Somehow, the guys have always been left behind and have been taking over the rest of the household space be it guest rooms, basements, attics and what have we, to stash their personal valuables or collectibles. Consider luxury closets to protect your valuables.

Guys, you don’t have to fret anymore for Lisa Adams Closet Design – a Los Angeles-based, full-concept, luxury closet customization service is here to give your current closet a complete makeover.

As a male who’s been keeping up with the trends, then you will appreciate how the closet space which used to be a private space for your belongings is morphing into a public and inviting arena where you can display your most personal possessions with utmost artistic style and grace.

L.A. Closet Design - Lisa Adams luxury closet

Following this trend, LA Closet Design’s Lisa Adams is taking ‘Man Closets’ to a whole new level by converting them into special places to relax and unwind and hangout or simply chill out. With LA Design, what used to be an ordinary looking dark wooded area, is now equipped with state-of-the-art organization drawers and racks with built-in coffee bars, refrigerators, wine coolers and luxurious seating.

It looks more like a baller room (yes that large) complete with chandeliers, accent lighting and false roofing. It is every man’s fantasy come true, with everything you can imagine in one place. You just have to dream it – be it a big screen TV, a shoe and tie display, a grooming station, a bar with the trendiest wines and whiskeys on offer, and Lisa can make them a reality.

After the transformation, luxury closets become a perfect hideway or retreat for guys who just want some alone time away from their fast paced lives.


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