Stunning Wall Covering Collection by Studio 465

Studio 465 - Shanghai wall art collection
Studio 465 – Shanghai

Art takes place in multiple forms and they say “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

Well Studio 465 has just released their latest version of their wall covering collection – Shanghai, China.

The Studio 465 wall covering collection is inspired by the world’s greatest cities.

In addition to Shanghai, Studio 465 currently offers six other lines including: Brasilia, Milano, Buenos Aires, Athens, Stockholm and London.

The new Shanghai artwork features a cool combination of high and low culture. In addition, the artful designs blend ancient Asian design elements with the contemporary energy that is the hallmark of modern-day Shanghai.

Traditional textiles, Chinese silk paintings and exquisitely carved lacquer inspired the new patterns and accentuate the importance of harmony in design. The motifs are either simplified or enlarged in scale to capture the essence behind each inspiration.

Embellished finishes, raised metallic details in shimmering gold and silver, and colors like red and green, bright and clean with energy and excitement, add another layer of sophistication to a collection that is as unique as the city itself.

Beth Lyons, who is the marketing manager at Studio 465 states, “With global market interest growing, wallpaper is back in a big way. These exciting new wallpapers embody the new direction of design. Shanghai, with its dramatic skyline, dynamic architecture and vivid culture is the ideal choice for this forward-looking collection.”


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