Lesont Group Offers World’s Finest Niche Wines, Champagne and Spirits

Champagne bottle popping

Lesont Group initiated a goal in 2007, to revitalize the wine, champagne, & spirits industry in Asia.

Located in Singapore, Lesont set out to obtain hidden, luxurious elixirs of pure decadence around the world, and successfully achieved their goal by locating quintessential concoctions fit for royalties.

The selection of wines & spirits available from Lesont Group’s portfolio, truly represents a class of pure lavishness.

Lesont has a dedicated staff worldwide constantly looking for the best wines, champagne and spirits.

As Lesont Group desires only the rarest treasures of this world, you will cherish the mark of quality and uniqueness goes into every bottle that leaves the company’s vast cellars.

As the company’s pursuit of the best wines, champagne and spirits continues, we want to introduce you to some of the finest choices available:

– GOLD Chardonnay and GOLD Rose – World’s 1st Chardonnay and Rose respectively peppered with a healthy dosage of 24k gold flakes
– Louis Royale XIV Champagne – World’s 1st Champagne with 24 gold flakes that dance amidst the bubbles
– Diadema Rosso 2007 IGT – Award-winning SuperTuscan in a stunning Swarovski studded bottle
– Caldirola La Cacciatora Collezione – A cornerstone House in Italian wine-making tradition that is a pioneer in Eco-friendly harvesting and wine-tours

For additional information about Lesont Group, please go to: http://www.lesont.com/


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