Purest Tequila Fit for a Celebrity: DeLeón Tequila

DeLeon Tequila bottles
DeLeon Tequila

This is not your typical tequila shots at a party.  At an average of $150-$250 per bottle, DeLeón Tequila lacks the harsh edge that tequila is typically known for.  It’s unlikely you’ll find a pale, hung partier regretting what little events he could recall, on the other side of this tequila.

Produced at a family-owned agave field and fabria in Purisima del Rincon, Guanajuato “The Purest of the Corner”, Mexico, the DeLeón Tequila is known for its sweeter, honey, citrus, and floral notes. The unique taste of DeLeón Tequila is due to the cultivation in the iron-rich soil of a mountainous region higher than 7,500 feet above sea level.

Since launching in 2009, DeLeón has become a staple for those seeking only the highest quality tequila. DeLeon Tequila has quickly become the new benchmark for superior quality and refined luxury within the tequila market.

Not only known for its taste among celebrities, its unique bottle and cap design illustrates the essence of DeLeón: sophistication with an edgy undertone.

Please view the DeLeon website at www.deleontequila.com


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