“Legends Redefined” Tour from Flexjet – Fractional Jet Ownership

Learjet 85 jet

Flexjet offers whole aircraft ownership and management, fractional jet ownership, Flexjet 25 jet cards and charter brokerage services. Flexjet is now celebrating Learjet’s 50th Anniversary with their “Legends Redefined” tour in the U.S.

Flexjet’s fractional program offers a collection of Bombardier business aircraft, including the Learjet 40 XR, Learjet 45 XR, Learjet 60 XR, Challenger 300 plus Challenger 605 business jets.

Flexjet is showcasing the new Learjet 85 aircraft model at six private events during the “Legends Redefined” U.S. tour.

Deanna White is the President of Flexjet and was quoted, “Fifty years ago, the first Learjet aircraft took flight thanks to the innovative and adventurous spirit of Bill Lear, who invented the business jet category. With delivery of the Learjet 85 scheduled for next year, Flexjet is honoring his legacy by showcasing the best-in-class Learjet 85 aircraft model – the epitome of a ‘legend redefined’ – alongside other distinguished brands, representing more than 200 years of timeless luxury and design.”

Flexjet owners enjoy access to some of the most technologically advanced and youngest business jets in the industry, averaging only about six years of age.

The luxury Learjet 85 aircraft is the first business jet with both fuselage and wings built primarily of carbon composite materials. The Learjet 85 aircraft will also feature the company’s new interior design updates, re-designed seats, innovative storage solutions in addition to groundbreaking passenger interfaces.

Definitely designed for passenger comfort, the new Learjet 85 aircraft model seats eight passengers comfortably in a traditional double-club seating arrangement, with approximately 30 inches (76.2 cm) between each seat for even more room when traveling on long distance flights.

The 2013 Learjet 85 tour has completed visits to 3 U.S. cities including Menlo Park, Calif., Chicago and Columbus, Ohio. Be sure to attend the next 3 events during October – Washington, DC (October 1), New York (Oct. 7) and Houston (October 15).

Flexjet also announced they will receive 30 Learjet 85 aircraft with deliveries scheduled to begin in 2014.

If you desire to enjoy the many benefits of whole aircraft ownership and management or fractional jet ownership, please contact The Life of Luxury for more details.


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